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Car Paths & Pathways

Great for events, weddings and parties.

WBPO Event Trackway provides access over sand, mud, marshy areas and snow. Our 8ft x 4ft sheets of trackway are ideal as a temporary car park for cars, vans and lightweight lorries. WBPO Trackway can also be used for pedestrian pathways - no muddy shoes for your party guests!


We can provide car park signs, security tape and pop-up tents for your event. Our trackway can be useful for storage of heavy event equipment during  setup/dismantle, to stop the equipment sinking into soft ground.


We have provided our event trackway at weddings, party sites, corporate events and public events.

Call on 020 7731 8328 or contact us for more information.

Temporary Roadways

Portable temporary roadway for vehicles.

We can create a portable temporary roadway on your site for, say, forklift trucks, cars, and lightweight vans. 
Our 8ft x 4ft trackway panels have moulded grips on one side, with connecting metal joiners between the panels.
WBPO Event Trackway will provide easy access for your contractors' vehicles when building marquees for weddings, parties and other events. Marquee forklift trucks, catering vans and generator providers can set up easily during bad weather and with less disruption.

Our moulded deck or protection mats are rugged and durable.  Each unit can support up to 60 tonnes (static).

Call on 020 7731 8328 or contact us for more information.

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 No more getting stuck!

If you are having a wedding or party and two days before your event the weather is very wet, you might need our trackway for gateways into fields/car parks. Our trackway is just the job for getting you and your guests out of trouble.

Each trackway panel is 8ft x 4ft and has rubber "treads" to create a good base for car or van traction. The trackway panels are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE). Each trackway pad is securely held in place by our own designed "U clip"  fastener. This ensures that each trackway pad will not move when driven over.

​Last minute bookings always taken.

Call on 020 7731 8328 or contact us for more information.


The easy way to get about.

We also have a narrower gauge trackway 8 ft x 2 ft which is ideal for pedestrian walkways , it can also be covered in smart AstroTurf. Ideal for car parks, walkways, cattle grids and gateways.

Call on 020 7731 8328 or contact us for more information.

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